Commentary #91: “Appalachia has a new story to tell, and it’s not an elegy” (Editorial)

This was a fascinating editorial that one of my good friends, Mr. Lin, shared on Facebook a while ago. Mr. Lin used to be a teacher at my local elementary school, but has since created an impressive career in school administration. He has been an assistant principal and a principal in the Roanoke County Schools, […]

Commentary #90: “9-year-old boy raises nearly $80K to give bulletproof vests to police K-9s”

I stumbled upon this story on Facebook recently. Way to go, Brady! Here’s the link to the post from my local news station: 9-year-old boy raises nearly $80K to give bulletproof vests to police K-9s In Ohio, the local news has been following Brady Snakovsky for nearly a year now. At that point, in November […]

Commentary #89: “He’s a disabled Gulf War veteran with a new purpose: Save birds nearly wiped out by pesticides”

Around the middle of April, I stumbled upon a fascinating headline whilst browsing, as I do nearly every day: He’s a disabled Gulf War veteran with a new purpose: Save birds nearly wiped out by pesticides Robert Vallieres served our country. He came home from the Gulf War broken, and nearly died. He’s battled […]

Commentary #88: “Make Your Own MAGIC and Manifest Your DREAM LIFE”

The quoted words in the title of this blog post comes from a relatively recent episode of the That Smart Hustle podcast by author Kristen Martin. I haven’t read any of her books yet, though I plan to change that sooner rather than later. I discovered her Facebook page, and then stumbled upon to her podcast. I […]

Commentary #86: “Reforestation Drones Drop Seeds Instead of Bombs, Planting 100,000 Trees Per Day Each”

This is a really intriguing idea. I first saw this story on Facebook, through Return to Now. The U.K.-based BioCarbon Engineering (BCE) has developed a relatively simple, two-step process for accomplishing this: Send the drones into the target area to create a detailed, 3-D map. Send the planting drones back to the mapped site to […]

Commentary #85: “My Journey Through the Marvel Universe”

I love Tiana, who is the awesome author of The Book Raven, wrote an incredible post about the Marvel Universe! Here’s the link to Tiana’s post: My Journey Through the Marvel Universe I love how Tiana watched all the Marvel movies, and then decided to make separate blog posts to discuss each movie individually. Inspired […]

Commentary #84: “As GM’s Lordstown plant idles, an iconic American job nears extinction”

I saw this fascinating CNN article on Wednesday, March 6th: As GM’s Lordstown plant idles, an iconic American job nears extinction The Lordstown, Ohio plant has been closed for nearly a week now. It made its last Chevy Cruze sedan on March 6th. Another sign of the times. General Motors (GM) has shrunk from more […]

Commentary #83: “Sunny Days on ‘Sesame Street'”

My dad sent this hot link to me in an email recently, with the exclamation of “Big Bird!” Sunny days on “Sesame Street” – CBS Sunday Morning A little background on Big Bird first. Big Bird has been one of my favorite characters for as long as I can remember. I had such love for […]

Commentary #82: “How Iceland Got Teens to Say No to Drugs”

I saw this article on Facebook recently. Thanks to Brittany A. for sharing it. Here’s the link to The Atlantic’s article, published January 19, 2017: How Iceland Got Teens to Say No to Drugs What were you doing in 1997? According to a local psychologist, Gudberg Jónsson, back then most of Iceland’s teens were drinking […]