Hot Topic #25: Teachers On Strike

First, it was teachers walking out in West Virginia. Then, it was teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky. All of them have one thing in common: They have gone on strike, to protest numerous issues. These include low pay, pension laws, and the abysmal state of the public school education system in the United States. Timeline […]

Hot Topic #24: Thoughts on the LGBT+ Community

Disclaimer: I have several friends who are part of the LGBT+ community. I tried to write this post as objectively as possible, and I mean no disrespect to anyone! If you have questions for me, please make a constructive comment on this post, or use my Contact page. Thank you! What does the acronym LGBT+ […]

Hot Topic #23: Thoughts on Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and Our President

The last few weeks have felt like forever. It’s been a laundry list of natural disasters, yet another horrific massacre on U.S. soil, and I’ve felt helpless. August 17-September 1 — Duration of Hurricane Harvey August 30-September 12 — Duration of Hurricane Irma September 16-30 — Duration of Hurricane Maria September 19 — Central Mexico […]

Hot Topic #22: A Week Since Charlottesville – Now What?

It’s taken me a full seven days to even begin to fully process what exactly happened in Charlottesville last week, especially since the historic city is only 2 1/2 hours from where I live. Here’s a synopsis of what exactly happened, from Thursday, August 10th, through Monday, August 14th. I tried to write this in […]

Hot Topic #21: The Confounding Congress

Disclaimer: This post contains strong language. Hey there, readers. Bear with me. This post is probably going to be long-winded, basically a stream of consciousness, and likely have a significant amount of profanity in it. You’ve been warned. As a result of a spirited discussion with my wonderful husband last weekend (Note – Not spirited […]

Hot Topic #20: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

To start researching for this post, I simply put the following words into the Google search bar: sex abuse in the catholic church On just the first page of results, this is what I found: Pope Francis’s top Vatican ally has just been charged with child sex abuse Senior Catholic Church officials have rarely faced […]

Hot Topic #19: The Water Crisis in Flint, and Others

This particular issue has been running through my veins for a good while now – No pun intended. The purpose of this post is to review the events of what’s happened with the water in Flint, Michigan. In addition, I want to highlight other cities that have or have had their own water crises. In […]

Hot Topic #18: What’s Up With Washington?

Disclaimer: This post contains strong language. Sigh. I’ll admit, I’ve put off writing a post like this. I try to be an optimistic, positive, and enthusiastic person. I also try to bring those qualities to my writing, and the blog. There’s so much doom and gloom and bad news! However, I cannot be silent anymore. […]